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Drain Cleaning Services

When drains become clogged and water begins to get backed up, leaking pipes and flooding may occur inside of your home so getting your drains cleared out is of the utmost importance. Every appliance from the sinks in the bathroom, kitchen and shower drains over time get dirt and grime build up inside that will prevent the flow of water from traveling through the drains as designed. This is why Jensen Plumbing recommends regular drain cleaning services every year or two to extend the life of your piping and to ensure your drains are always functioning at optimal level.

When you choose to contact Jensen Plumbing to have an expert come to you home and clean your drains you can actually pevent potential blockages from happening. Minor clogs can be a pain to deal with, but seriously clogged drains can cost you in the neighborhood of thousands of dollars in water damage if the problem is addressed quickly. Flooding in cabinets can cause mold to grow and destroy the flooring or structural integrity of your home.

Plumbing Services

Drain maintenance and cleaning can help to prevent more serious issues in the future like overflowing of water that can lead to unsafe conditions. It’s important to keep in mind that the pipes in your plumbing system age, becoming more likely to create leaks and cause build up within. Jensen Plumbing uses new technology and years of experience to make sure that your drains are always cleaned properly and professionally.

For questions regarding drain cleaning, to schedule a local drain cleaner to come out to your home contact Jensen Plumbing today.


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