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Commercial Remodeling Plumber Denton TX

The majority of building owners who rent to various people are going to be remodeling between renters. Sometimes you will have tenants that manage to tear the place up before they leave and require a few things to be replaced. You will also have instances where one renter may have been a salon, but the next business to rent from you is a restaurant. Whatever the case may be, we can handle all of your plumbing needs during a commercial remodel. A list of services we can provide during a remodel would be as follows:

  • Water Heater Installation for a tenant who is needing more hot water on demand than the last
  • Grease Trap Installation for a restaurant that will be frying different types of foods
  • Installing new drains and water lines in case they need access to sinks in various locations of the space.
  • Gas Line Installation for someone needing to maybe put a new cook top or oven in for a kitchen
  • New sewer installation in case they are wanting to move a sink to a different location
  • Water Leak Repairs after your old tenant leaves a few things messed up in your space
  • New Appliance and Fixture installation for your next tenant to have everything they need for their business.

As you can see, we can cover a wide spectrum of plumbing items to make sure you and your tenant are both getting a quality service that will help set you up for success down the road.

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Not only are we able to service the Denton area for commercial plumbing remodels, but we also branch out to serve other areas such as Flower Mound. Both areas are growing at an exponential rate, thus requiring more and more buildings to be put in place to provide the community with the correct services. In this case, you may be wanting to convert your building in Flower Mound to accommodate a new type of business. We can definitely handle this transition for you from the plumbing perspective. We take a lot of pride in the work we perform. The reason we make sure to deliver a perfect product is not just because it is good for our business, but it is ultimately ideal for yours as well. We do not care if you are a landlord renting a space to a beauty shop, restaurant, tire shop, or whatever business you can dream of; we will make yours and the tenants’ vision come true. Possibly, you just purchased a new building for your business, but you need to make some updates. Seriously, anything you can dream up to have plumbed into your new space can be accomplished by Jensen Plumbing. We are here to serve you and the Flower Mound area alike. Call us today to receive a free quote!

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