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Emergency Plumbing Service Denton TX

We understand things happen unexpectedly and we want to be your first call for help. When is plumbing considered an emergency for plumbers Denton TX? We classify emergency plumbing into 6 common categories so you know exactly when to call. 

  1. Overflowing Toilets
  2. Bursted Pipes
  3. Broken Water Heater
  4. Leaky Pipes
  5. Clogged sewer lines
  6. Washing machine hose leak

Catching these problems early for Denton Plumbing can help minimize damage and save you tons of money in the long run. For emergency’s call us at (555)555-5555 so we can assess the situation quickly. Whether you’re looking for Flower Mound plumbers or Denton plumbers we are here to help.

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Toilet Repair Plumber Denton

Toilet Repair

We are here to help you with all things toilets. Well sort of, we do more than just toilets but that’s the dirty work most don’t want to get into. As Denton plumbers and Flower Mound plumbers let us ease your mind and help with any toilet problems. Whether it is fixing that annoying shaky toilet in your guest bathroom, upgrading to a royal throne in your master bathroom, or fixing any current toilet that overflows we can do it all. Overflowing toilets we consider as plumbers Denton TX emergency and you should look to contact us immediately. Here are a few steps that help until we get there:

  1. Locate the water shutoff next to the toilet and turn off the water by turning the knob counterclockwise.
  2. Clean any and all water spills you can to avoid damaging the rest of your home.
  3. Stay Calm because Jensen Plumbing is on the way!

Water Pipe Repair

Burst or leaky pipes can be a homeowners nightmare and we hope none of our customers find themselves in this situation. Unfortunately these things happen and we want to be the plumbers Denton TX you call. Of course you know that you have pipes that run all through your house that give you water wherever you need it with just a turn of the knob. That drip, drip, drip that occurs at your faucet or shower head is a cry for help from your water lines. Denton plumbers and Flower Mound plumbers know that leaky pipes are not uncommon and these small signs, if caught, can prevent any major damages. No one wants to do a 5-point checklist at each faucet so we want to narrow it down with a few more tale-tale signs that require our assistance as plumbers Denton TX. 

  1. Water standing under sinks
  2. Ceiling stains
  3. Loose tile or warped hardwood floors
  4. Discolored Paint or wallpaper
  5. Musty odors or mildew smell
  6. Low water pressure

 We want to fix these problems before they become an even bigger problem, a burst pipe.  Did you know that by fixing these small problems it could put money back into your pocket by saving on your water bill with Denton TX water line repair.

Bursted pipes are more common in the winter when freezing occurs but can happen at any time. Bursted pipes are serious issues because water gets where you do not want it too… IN YOUR HOUSE. Burst pipes can cause gallons and gallons of water to flood your home in minutes damaging floors, walls, and personal items.  If you experience flooding in your home, turn off the main water line immediately.

Water Line Repair Denton
Emergency Water Heater Repair Flower Mound

Emergency Water Heater Repair

Nowadays you have two types of water heaters for your home and needs. One requires a tank to be stored somewhere within the house, typically a closet. The other one is a tank less and heats the water at the source and is often hidden under a sink. Both can have their problems but one is considered to cause more of an emergency issue for homeowners. The water heater that uses a tank can bust or leak causing water to flood the house or the closet it is stored in. This can cause serious damage, so we recommend you call us immediately! The tankless heater may have leaks due to loose connections and can be tightened but if you feel uncomfortable with doing this you can always give us a call.

Emergency Sewage Line Repair

Clogged sewage lines are a wet and stinky mess, literally. There are a few signs that may be a dead giveaway for you to notice that your sewage lines need some help.

  1. Your toilets start to overflow when you try to flush.
  2. A strong sewage odor in the house or around the house, especially during rainy weather.
  3. Standing water in the yard or around the home, especially noticeable during rainy weather. 

With these signs you can give us a call and we can have your problems fixed in no time. 

Sewer Repair Plumbing Denton TX
Gas Line Repair Denton Plumber

Emergency Gas Line Repair

Above we talked all about our emergency plumbing services but our services don’t stop there. We actually can help with any of your gas line problems that you may have. Problems with gas lines we consider a major issue and can cause serious illness and medical help. We want to protect you and your family from any of these issues so we like to give you some caution signs for your protection and when to give us a call.

  1. With a gas fireplace there is a gas/propane smell coming from the chimney when the unit is off.
  2. With a gas range there is a strong gas smell when the range is off.
  3. If you do not smell anything but you and the rest of the family living in this house experience any or all of these symptoms at the same time.
    1. A decrease in energy and always tired
    2. A headache only when you get home
    3. Nautiousness and no appetite while at home

If you experience these things you should locate and turn off the gas lines by turning it counter clockwise until we can fix the issue. If unable to locate and turn off the gas lines you should open some windows and doors and leave the house until we can get there.

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