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Sewer Line Breakdown

The difference between your home being on a city sewer or on-residence septic system is minimal. The basics are still the same. A drainage system does not rely upon pressure such as the supply systems do. Instead of utilizing pressure to flow, the drainage system relies upon gravity. This is accomplished by making sure your drain line is in a constant state of downflow toward a treatment plant that takes on the city’s sewer waste or it heads straight to a septic tank. Regardless of where the waste goes, it finds its way there through pipes that have a downward angle of flow. We know on the surface the drainage system sounds very simple. However, there is a lot more to it. The system also includes various vents, traps, and cleanouts. The purpose of all three are very specific. Your vent is used to help the house expel the fumes and gases from waste into the atmosphere. The traps are used to keep those from backflowing through your drains and stinking up the house. Finally, the cleanouts are designed to do exactly what the name implies; cleanout a clogged pipe. Now you may be wondering, “Where on earth would I find these different components of the system throughout my house?” Well, the answers are simple! The vents are found outside your home. If you look around the building you will see pieces of PVC pipe sticking straight up out of your roof. These are the vent stacks! Next, you will find the traps directly after the drain leaves the fixture such as a sink. Look under the counter and you will see a U-shaped piece of PVC. This is the trap. This trap holds water in order to keep the gases from entering through the drain. Finally, you will find the cleanout on the outside of your home. The cleanout is general covered, but easily accessible by someone who may need to unclog the drainage pipes!

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When Should You Be Prepared For A New Drainage System?

The most common cause for needing to replace a drainage system is circled around nature. A lot of replacements occur when tree roots have decided to grow through a drainage pipe. Now we will say, replacing a drainage system is a big job, but fear not, we handle the big stuff too. Jensen Plumbing must work closely with you and the city to make sure we are acquiring the correct permits and following the correct codes to install the drainage system. After all, this system is carrying some pretty nasty stuff that no one wants to see again. We do our absolute best to make sure we are not bothering your neighbors either. We will be in and out as swiftly as possible so as to not disturb anyone’s day to day activities. We guarantee not only you, but everyone living around you will appreciate the fact we only blocked the road for a day or so. In conclusion, replacing an entire drainage system is a huge job, but we can handle it. Not only handle it but make it pain free for you as the homeowner. That is what makes us special as a Denton plumber, we care a lot about you being comfortable through the whole process.

The Process for Replacing a Sewer Line

The installation of your new sewage line begins by mapping your existing plumbing. A correctly sized sewage line is crucial to avoiding future clogs and leaks. Once that is accomplished we will insure there are zero tree roots or other interferences with your new line. Finally, we install the line. It is a simple process, just one that comes with a lot of permitting and planning.

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